Love Actually (Bali Trip – Day 1)

This is the first time in my life to be on a trip with one of my craziest friends while on a secret mission altogether (someone is going to propose! 😉). All these are happening in beautiful Bali, Indonesia for the next 4 days 3 nights! 🇮🇩

One wefie before we board the plane at Singapore Changi Airport.

Soon after we arrived in Bali, we checked ourselves into 2 beautiful villas (Sadhana and Summertime) and have been greeted with friendly staff serving us thirst quenching watermelon juice. First thing that came to my mind when I walked in – “OMG! This villa is freaking beautiful! I can stay here all day! ” 😄 Check out my video for a villa tour.


Next up, LUNCH! As usual, our group’s gourmet Ben is bringing us to eat the famous Babi Guling. This place we went, Warung Babi Guling is pretty famous and it is about 10-15mins walk from our villa. (Honestly, we all later agreed that we should have taken a cab instead 😅 The heat had no mercy on us. )

Warung Babi Guling is located in Seminyak, Bali.
The standard set when you order Babi Guling. Comes with rice and soup.

Personally, I think it tastes better than it looks and my favourite is the satay. The vegetables are spicy but it has too many ginger for my liking.

After lunch, we took a ride to Seminyak Village and a few of us decided that it is time for spa~ There is a beautiful spa located at the rooftop of Seminyak Village recommended by  my girlfriend – Spring Spa.

Spring Spa – located at the rooftop level of Seminyak Village.
Nice ambience at the spa.


The room looks clean and hygienic.

For dinner, we went to Naughty Nuri’s for their famous pork ribs! And my personal favourite is definitely the Mac and Cheese! Very very cheesy 🧀 !!! This place is really crowded during dinner time. It is advisable to go earlier especially if you are travelling with children.

Naughty Nuri’s Seminyak
Who dares say no to Mac and Cheese?
Their famous Killer Ribs. I wished I took a better photo of this though. 😅

And then it’s time to head back to our villa to chillax! This pretty sums up our first day in Bali. Every minute is well spent! 😁✌🏻