Uniqlo – The Mickey & The Sun UT Collection

What a pleasure to receive a happy mail 📫 from Uniqlo Singapore the first day you are back from a holiday! Plus the tees are printed with our favourite Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Thank you Team UNIQLO! 😘

Valeris and I are wearing our matching tees from Uniqlo’s The Mickey & The Sun UT Collection!

If you have been a Uniqlo fan like us, you will know their tees are super comfy to wear even under hot and humid weather like Singapore. Finding matching tees as a couple or for the family has always been a breeze when I am shopping at Uniqlo. Definitely spoilt for choice!

☀The Mickey & The Sun UT Collection is now available at all Uniqlo stores and online at www.Uniqlo.com/sg