iloom @ Metro Centrepoint

We were thrilled to be invited to the official launch of South Korean’s leading home living & furniture brand, iloom, at Metro Centrepoint. The first furniture brand and the latest addition to Home & Living at Metro, this is iloom’s largest furniture showcase in South East Asia.

iloom started in 1998 and has emerged as a leading brand with over 80 stores in Korea specialising in Home Furniture, especially famous for furniture for kids and teens. iloom makes beautiful and easy to use furniture of new designs, rational price, and trustworthy quality. All their products are made in Korea. iloom is the first brand in Korea that uses eco-friendly EO wooden material.

The top 10 iloom products are:

  • ARGIAN Motion Bed
  • CUSINO Bed
  • TINKLE POP Series
  • CABIN Series
  • ACO Series
  • LINKI-PLUS Series
  • REMA Series
  • LIBRE Series
    No prize for guessing our favourite product. 😄🐼

ACO Series
There is really not much introduction needed to prove how popular the iloom’s ACO Series is with children and parents! Such adorable animal designs to attract our little ones to sit down at the table. 😉iloom also collaborated with Disney for an exclusive Disney range including Mike and Sulley from Monsters INC., Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Please make some for adults!! 🙏🏻

Valeris was so happy when she saw the Panda ACO chair! 🙌🏻
The Panda ACO chair is suitable for 0 – 4 years old. It is water resistant and made with Eco Friendly material. The chair has a wider base which is designed to prevent child from falling and also helps the child to sit with a better posture.
iloom X Disney: Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
Who can resist these adorable ACO chairs?
Complete the look with iloom’s Disney Mickey Safety Mirror! Made with acrylic and felt for safety purpose.

The adorable ACO Series was not the only one that had won our hearts. We also love the TINKLE POP and CABIN Series. If only these were available when I was a kid! 😄

The TINKLE POP bedframe won the Reddot Design Award in 2017. It can be customised according to your room size. You can choose to stack it up as a bunk bed otherwise it is also available in single size beds. The bunk bed comes with a matching movable storage staircase too! You can now visit their showroom at Metro Centrepoint Level 5. 🙌🏻

She was so happy with the iloom TINKLE-POP bunk bed she declared this room hers! 😅
No space wasted! This storage staircase is perfect for keeping books and toys!

CABIN Series
A dual level bed with lots of customisation options for you to create that perfect room for your little ones! You will be able to transform the bunk bed into a learning space with additional desk and bookshelves; or a storage space utilising plastic drawers.

Make use of the space below the bunk bed as a play area for our little ones. Space saving!
Lots of options for customisation. Put a tent over the bed and make bedtime more fun! Now who wants to sleep? 🙋🏻
So many options for customisation! We are definitely spoilt for choice!

Apart from the series dedicated to kids and teens, the ARGIAN and CUSINO also caught our eyes.

The ARGIAN Motion Bed is definitely on top of my bedroom shopping list. Read on if you want better sleep, parents! ARGIAN Motion Bed is a twin bed system that can be adjusted separately or positions together to support couples’ individual sleeping habits and lifestyle by encouraging sound sleep as well as leisure activities. It is designed to help people with sleeping problems like snoring, reflux esophagitis, anxietas tibiarum, pregnancy edema, etc. Do you see why it’s on top of my list now? 😄😍

ARGIAN Motion Twin Bed is designed for deeper sleep induction. Image © iloom

If you have a child like mine who loves to sleep on my bed every night, you may want to consider the CUSINO family bed – it has different heights for young children to sleep safely together with their parents. As the bed is detachable, it can accommodate the changing needs of young families and growing children. When the child grows up, the single size bed of the CUSINO series can be detach and reposition, or the bed may be used as an adult’s daybed in the study room. iloom has everything all planned out for us. How cool is that? 🙌🏻😍

CUSINO family bed is perfect for young children to sleep safely with parents. Image © iloom
Thank you iloom, Metro and Saffrom Communications for having us! Congratulations once again on the official launch of iloom at Metro Centrepoint!

Visit iloom‘s showroom at Metro Centrepoint Level 5 and experience it yourself. Get ready to be blown away by the high quality products and clever designs! You won’t regret it! 😉🙌🏻